Find the path to your ideal life

Discover your unique gifts, find the work you love, and create change in your community.

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Let Empowered Path be your partner on the journey to your ideal work

More than a career coach, I'll help you find your ideal job.

More than a business coach, I'll help  you create your ideal work.

More than a workplace facilitator, I'll help you create an IDEAL workplace.

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Hi, I'm Chantal

Do you dream of a new path where you can leverage your gifts, doing those things that you love to do, and are good at doing? Would you like to work alongside a team whose skills complement your own, and cover the areas that you don’t enjoy or aren’t good at?  

I act as a Thought Partner for people who want to find their ideal work.

I can help you move from feeling stuck and having trouble finding a good job, to finding your ideal work for good wages, in an organization that shares your values and supports your career aspirations.

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Find Your Ideal Job

Move from feeling stuck to finding your ideal job in a supportive organization that shares your values.

Create Your Ideal Job

With the right skills, knowledge and expertise, building a business is more feasible than you may think.

Create IDEAL Workplaces

Foster a more Inclusive Diverse Equitable Accessible Learning (IDEAL) culture in your workplace.

Explore Ideal Collaborations

A custom team of consultants can work alongside you on projects while you focus on your main goals.

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As a Métis woman, Chantal brings an Indigenous perspective to the training sessions which enriches the dialogue and experience. She is committed to helping build positive, more inclusive, and equitable workplaces. Tiawenhk Chantal!

Ken Sioui (he/him)

Indigenous Link
Chantal's experience, insightful suggestions and caring heart are some of the assets she brings to the table. I knew she was experienced with traditional business projects, but I am impressed with her ability to transfer her knowledge to the music industry as well. I highly recommend Chantal as a Thought Partner - more specifically as a business coach.

Jeanette Arsenault

Jeanette Arsenault Music
Thanks for an excellent training session. I received lots of positive feedback from the team, including thoughts on items they can immediately put into action. I am also happy to report that others have been working behind the scene on a new diversity + inclusivity statement for our job postings.

Lee Ann Waterman

Director of Content
As a mentor, Chantal is my first point of contact when I am looking for career or professional development advisement. Her insight and guidance have given me the confidence to pursue my goals, and accomplish them with perseverance and determination.

Katrina Osborne

Labour Relations Officer
Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board
Chantal carries with her great knowledge and experience and a very positive mindset and is available when you need her most! I have no doubt that she can help others gain a clearer path to their next career move.

Kris Dawson, CHRL

Employee Support & Wellness Coordinator
City of Peterborough
It is important to have a trusted expert support system around you when you are faced with making business decisions. Chantal is definitely one of those people you want on speed-dial.

V. Ophelia Rigault

Resiliency Leadership Specialist
Real Talk Solutions