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Occasionally, an opportunity to participate in a project that is larger than I can handle on my own appears. In the right circumstance, I bring together a team of other consultants to collaborate on a project.

Professional Events

Collaborations often involve bringing together a team to plan or facilitate events for organizations, with themes such as: entrepreneurship, leading people, ideal jobs, workplace culture, networking, mentoring, etc.

In 2023, facilitating Strategic Planning and Visioning events was added as a collaboration offering.

A 2021 research project involved trialing a variety of software platforms to provide a written report on which platform is best suited to the client’s requirements.

Read a testimonial <span class="text-size-small">(PDF 150kb)</span> from the Centre for Workforce Development.

Collaborative and Canadian-focused consulting

Collaborations involve bringing together custom teams to respond to our client’s requirements. I prefer to work with consultants and companies that are located in Canada, because this is the country I know and generally understand.

If you’re interested in learning more, please book an online meeting or send an outline of your project, budget and expectations via the form on my contact page.

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Chantal is a highly knowledgeable and supportive individual who develops strong partnerships. I'm appreciative of my connection with Chantal and remain excited to work with Chantal in the future and continue learning from thought leadership and I am confident that those who work with Chantal will have the same positive, joyful sentiments that I do.

Hannah Gzik

Changing workplaces (and lives) one moment at a time
Build a Kick Ass Company
Chantal is a pleasure to work with, whether on a community collaboration or as an independent consultant. She actively listens to everyone involved in collaborations and shows her appreciation for what each of us brings to the team. Chantal clearly communicates expectations and keeps her teams on track to meet deadlines. She is adept at leading discussions and finding a path forward, so that objectives are met or exceeded.

Brad Labadie

Executive Director
Centre for Workforce Development
A gifted speaker and training facilitator, Chantal has a wealth of knowledge and is eager to share that with people and businesses in our community. She is easy to talk to and the amount of care she puts into her work really sets the bar for those in her industry. The way that she nurtures connections she has made within the community has been wonderful. I highly recommend Chantal for any personal speaking event and/or to help you to truly achieve your overall goals within your business.

Jenny Chandler

Simple Desk
Great trainer, very devoted to the success of her trainees, deep knowledge of human behavior and motivation. Having collaborated with Chantal for more than three years, I highly recommend her.

Guy Dancause

Ideal Connector Network
I led a 1/2- day session on behalf of the Quinte & District HRPA Chapter and the Centre for Workforce Development and had the pleasure of working with Chantal in her role as Moderator. Organized and efficient, Chantal skillfully moderated the large group of participants with great success!! The success of any event reflects a lot of careful and thoughtful planning and Chantal is someone that is proficient in all of these competencies! Well done Chantal!

Dr. Denise O’Brien, PhD, Q.Med., ACC, CSODP

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