Create Your Ideal Job

Are you dreaming of creating an organization that embraces your values, and offers you at least a living wage, while working the hours that you are ready and able to invest?

Entrepreneurship is a path to consider

Are you dreaming of creating your own job? Of starting a business or growing a side hustle into a full-time gig, so that you can define your level of effort and hours of work?

Does your creative or neurodivergent brain, life circumstances, or availability for work make it challenging to find your ideal job, causing you to wonder if you should create your own?

What are you waiting for?

There are over a million small and medium enterprises in Canada. They employ around 70% of private sector workers, which is more than 8.4 million people across the country. More than half of Canadian businesses (54.9%) have fewer than four employees, and are known as “micro-enterprises". About two-thirds (66.9%) of new businesses survive to see their fifth year of operations.

You may have the skills, abilities, knowledge and expertise to start your own business, creating your ideal job.

I act as a Thought Partner for people who want to create their ideal job, which might include starting and growing a micro-enterprise. We can meet one-to-one (virtually, unless we live near each other).

One-to-One Coaching with Chantal

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Navigating Your Career Route Map

Discover your Next Ideal Job within 6 months

Free networking course

Identifying and connecting with your Friendly Forces network can help you achieve your goals.

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Thank YOU for meeting with me and providing me with the information and resources that are going to help me continue on this journey! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help, support and guidance in this scary, but fun journey. You are a wealth of knowledge and so friendly and helpful and I REALLY appreciate you. Thanks again, and I'll be reaching out in the future for sure.

Kara Carriere

Aspiring entrepreneur
Chantal is a fantastic friend and mentor who is truly passionate about helping others get paid for their passions. A diligent listener, Chantal is a perpetual learner always willing to share what she knows or connect you with experts. If something is bothering you and you could use a set of ears, connect with Chantal for the thoughtful feedback she consistently gives. Chantal is a highly-supportive person you want to have in your corner.

Stephanie Jouppien

Conversion Copywriter & Content Strategist
Chantal's experience, insightful suggestions and caring heart are some of the assets she brings to the table. I knew she was experienced with traditional business projects, but I am impressed with her ability to transfer her knowledge to the music industry as well. I highly recommend Chantal as a Thought Partner - more specifically as a business coach.

Jeanette Arsenault

Jeanette Arsenault Music
It is important to have a trusted expert support system around you when you are faced with making business decisions. Chantal is definitely one of those people you want on speed-dial.

V. Ophelia Rigault

Resiliency Leadership Specialist
Real Talk Solutions

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