Create IDEAL Workplaces

Inclusive, Diverse, Equitable, Accessible and Learning workplaces provide measurable business advantages.

I believe that organizations of any size can create Inclusive Diverse Equitable Accessible Learning (IDEAL) workplaces, where everyone is valued for their gifts, and teams are made up of people that support and encourage each other, working toward a shared goal.

Influence change in your workplace

Do you enjoy your current job, and feel like it would be a great place to spend the rest of your career, if only a few things were different?

Do you aspire to create a more Inclusive Diverse Equitable Accessible Learning (IDEAL) culture, where everyone is recognized for their gifts, paid at least a living wage, and has the opportunity to pursue their dream careers?

You can influence change in your workplace, to help it become an IDEAL place where you’d be happy to invite your friends, family and colleagues to work and thrive along with you and your team.

Give your business an IDEAL advantage

Workplaces that embrace and celebrate differences create a positive work environment and result in more profitable outcomes.

If you’re interested in creating more IDEAL workplaces, then I may be the Thought Partner you’ve been looking for to help you achieve your goals.

Let's meet for a 30 minute one-to-one virtual chat to figure out if we're a good fit so I can help you achieve your workplace change goals.

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I have had the immense pleasure of working with Chantal for several years. Chantal delivers Indigenous Inclusion training sessions to a number of clients on Indigenous Link’s behalf. As a Métis woman, Chantal brings an Indigenous perspective to the training sessions which enriches the dialogue and experience. She is committed to helping build positive, more inclusive, and equitable workplaces. Tiawenhk Chantal!

Ken Sioui (he/him)

Indigenous Link
A gifted speaker and training facilitator, Chantal has a wealth of knowledge and is eager to share that with people and businesses in our community. She is easy to talk to and the amount of care she puts into her work really sets the bar for those in her industry. The way that she nurtures connections she has made within the community has been wonderful. I highly recommend Chantal for any personal speaking event and/or to help you to truly achieve your overall goals within your business.

Jenny Chandler

Simple Desk
Great trainer, very devoted to the success of her trainees, deep knowledge of human behavior and motivation. Having collaborated with Chantal for more than three years, I highly recommend her.

Guy Dancause

Ideal Connector Network
Thanks for an excellent training session. I received lots of positive feedback from the team, including thoughts on items they can immediately put into action. I am also happy to report that others have been working behind the scene on a new diversity + inclusivity statement for our job postings.

Lee Ann Waterman

Director of Content
I highly recommend Chantal to anyone looking for a gifted facilitator and storyteller who can skillfully deliver training on many topics including mentorship and leadership, HR and recruitment, networking and career development and much more.

Matt Richardson

Director of Intelligence and Investigations
Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative
It is important to have a trusted expert support system around you when you are faced with making business decisions. Chantal is definitely one of those people you want on speed-dial.

V. Ophelia Rigault

Resiliency Leadership Specialist
Real Talk Solutions

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