The World After COVID 19

Published on
March 23, 2020
Time to read: 

​Living through COVID 19 offers us an unprecedented opportunity. We have time to reflect on what’s really important. We have time to envision the new normal we’d like to live in and time to plan for that world.

I'm looking forward to a new, more equitable normal a year from now.

When everyone is treated with respect, regardless of what they do for work, their level of education, what language they speak, or any other “difference.” 

Where all have an opportunity to earn a living wage, or to receive a guaranteed basic income. 

Where there is significantly less wage discrepancy between celebrities and those who actually make our society possible, people like the front-line workers at grocery stores, farms, and manufacturing plants.

A world where we realize it makes more sense to use renewable energy sources, than to continue pouring money into the fossil fuel industry. 

A world where we care more about growing food than growing lawns. 

A world where everyone has a safe home, with potable water, electricity and food security.

A world where all children can thrive.

We are at a tipping point. We have the time to reflect on what future we want and to plan for that future.

What sort of world do you envision?

(Lightly edited, by adding more space to make this blog more readable on July 18, 2021)