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November 29, 2022
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A network of 20 stylized people, with different skin tones, hair styles and shirt colours, each in their own brightly coloured circle
This diverse group of people, interconnected by thin lines, is a visible representation of what I mean by a Friendly Forces Network.

Many people are reluctant networkers, they like to get to know you before deciding if you’re worth the time and effort to connect with.

Sharing content on social media is one way to let people know who you are and what you believe in.

I’ve decided to consciously put into action networking advice that I’ve been receiving for the last few years. I started using a scheduling software to post on social media.

Earlier this month, during a LinkedIn co-working meeting in Petra Fisher’s Values Driven LinkedIn Tea Lounge, I realized that I could repurpose the transcript from my free online course “Networking: Identifying and Connecting with Friendly Forces,” to create a series of microposts.

It took me a couple of weeks to get around to finishing the long list. I started publishing them on my LinkedIn profile and my Empowered Path Inc. Facebook page on November 21, 2022. It’s been fascinating getting feedback from people!

Here are a few lightly edited gems people shared so far:

Micropost #2 - I consider Networking to be a way to identify and connect with Friendly Forces. #ShareLearnThrive #FriendlyForcesNetwork

“Absolutely Chantal Fraser. Our conversation earlier in the week is an example of hashtag #ShareLearnThrive. Sharing knowledge, learning from mutual feedback and thriving on the energy that creates for new ideas. Friendly forces in action, generates traction 😀.” Rachel I.

“What a lovely way to describe networking, Chantal Fraser! I always thought of networking as something very calculated and rather sterile but 'connecting to friendly forces' makes it sound so much more fun.” Jane P.

Micropost #5 - Practice meeting friendly forces, by being mindful and open to opportunities to connect. #ShareLearnThrive #FriendlyForcesNetwork

“I love the word Friendly Forces! It gives energy to all people involved with the connection 😀 💪” Valeria O.

“I just learned that one of my clients became the client of another of my clients, who in turn had bought a coaching session with yet someone else they met through LinkedIn Tea. Friendly Forces everywhere. And thank YOU Chantal for being such an amazing friendly force yourself!” Petra F.

As the end of the year approaches: you may squeeze in one last online learning opportunity; head out to buy gifts for your loved ones; or spend time at a social gathering with your colleagues. While there, consider that these people may very well become part of your Friendly Forces Network.

If you haven’t already done so, enroll in the free “Networking: Identifying and Connecting with Friendly Forces” course to learn tactics to help you grow your network!

Wishing health, wellness, joy, and abundance for you and all your loved ones.