#IndigenousBookStack Photos

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January 27, 2022
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Stack of books by Indigenous authors Thomas King, Lee Maracle, Bob Joseph, Elaine Alec, Bev Sellars, The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Lynn Gehl, Betty J. Maracle, and Sheila Watt-Cloutier.
Most of these books are in the standard stack that shows up within the camera view, when I deliver webinars. This stack is the one literally closest to my heart, sitting on a shelf just behind me to my left.

Every now and then someone asks me for a list of books by Indigenous authors. There are many reasons, some want to learn more about the lived realities of Indigenous peoples in the lands we call Canada, others want to make a step towards reconciliation by purchasing books written by Indigenous authors.

This week I noticed that a lot of people were posting stacks of books by Indigenous authors on Instagram, I saved a post from Raven Reads, and looked at it again today.

In response to a call post Indigenous book stacks from Raven Reads and Indigenous Bookshelf, I posted 4 pictures of books I own, that are on the bookshelf behind me on my left. I did a little shuffling, trying to focus only on books by Indigenous authors.

This blog shares these images, and a second series of images, geared to younger readers, which I’ll post sometime before January 31, 2022. 

This is the shelf immediately below the shelf in the first picture with this post.

The book about Molly Brant, Mohawk Loyalist and Diplomat, is a biography, and was not written by an Indigenous author. Still a good read!

This shows the top of the last two books in the previous image and several books in the middle of my bookshelf.

The book Gambling on Authenticity is a compilation of chapters from Indigenous and non-Indigenous authors pulled together as a book in honour of the memory of an Indigenous scholar Susan Applegate Krouse Ziigwam Niibe Kwe (Spring Water Woman), Anthropologist, Wife, Mentor, Colleague, Friend.

This is a stack of fiction books. I couldn't make myself break up the Trickster series, so Moon of the Crusted Snow was gently placed on top of the stack, even though it looks unbalanced.

I have a bibliography that contains many of these books and a few others. As well as some authors I know about but haven't read yet. Now moving on to the books aimed at younger audiences, starting with Firekeeper's Daughter because the cover art is so glorious.

Firekeeper's Daughter is aimed at the young adult market. I happen to quite enjoy many young adult authors!

I love the cover art on this book! I waited until I had a free weekend before purchasing Firekeeper's Daughter, because I knew I would binge read it. It was well worth the wait!

I loved Katherena Vermette's adult novel The Break, even though some of the content was disturbing, so I went looking for more of her work, and this is what I found.

The graphic novel series A Girl Called Echo is good for all ages from advanced young readers to elders.

The Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws, great for young readers to share with family.

My spouse brought home signed copies of both of the Rabbit and Bear Paws series. Some of these are well loved and a little ragged.

This is the last photo for today's post!

We have dozens of other books by Indigenous authors around our home. Someday I may gather them for another photo shoot!