Thoughts on Why?

Published on
November 2, 2020
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Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels. Sunflowers represent happiness to many people.

Lately I’ve been spending time thinking about my “Why?”

The importance of “Why?” we do things keeps popping up in online training sessions, in conversations, in books I read. “Why?” is everywhere.

A big part of my difficulty in explaining my “Why?” is that I’ve been living my truth for so long, I had to dig deep to figure out why I act and live the way I do.

I’ve known “What?” I do for some time. When I did a fairly extensive overhaul of my website earlier this year, I added that the common theme in what I do “is to help you learn how to help yourself, your organization and community thrive.” Lots of people say they want to help others thrive. What differentiates me from others?  Why do I choose to do this?

This weekend, while out on my longest walk this year, so far, I had an “Aha!” moment. I realized that I want to help people like me, people who have a good idea of what they want to accomplish, and who are willing to do the hard work of pursuing their goals and dreams.

I know that there are many people like me around the world. We come in all genders and from all socio-economic backgrounds. We speak many languages and look different from one another.

What we have in common is that we have the courage to imagine different ways to do things. We’re willing to influence others and make changes in how we live and work, to help create a better future.

We care about people and the planet more than we care about profit. Although we aren’t opposed to earning a moderate or even ample living!

We know that if we harness our collective energies, we can make the world a more equitable place, where future generations will have the opportunity to thrive.

My “What?” is to help you learn how you can lead yourself and others to help create the future you dream of for you, your community and your organization.

I acknowledge that I am writing these words from a place of privilege. I grew up in a two-parent middle class household, with family that loved and supported me, even when they didn’t understand what I was up to. My family continues to support me by acting as Thought Partners when I come up with new ideas. I am an able bodied, heterosexual, cis-gender, white coded Canadian woman. I served for 28 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, which gives me the additional privilege of receiving a defined benefit pension plan.

All that being said, in 2020, I’ve met people from around the planet, from dozens of countries, who live very different lives from me, who think like I do; who dream of a different way to do things. Our dream of a better world, where people of all abilities, backgrounds, cultures and genders can thrive, unites us.

My “Why?” is to help people learn how to share their gifts with the world, because I believe in paying it forward. I’ve benefited and continue to benefit from Thought Partners, in ways both large and small. My gifts include leadership and making connections. Connections between people, ideas, and ways of accomplishing goals.  I am living my truth, and I want others to live their truth, and share their gifts with the world, so that we can all thrive.

I’m going to sign off this blog with the words I’ve been writing online and saying in person for most of this year.  I wish you and all of your loved ones: health, joy and abundance.