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This page includes links to my recent online content, upcoming events, news, and several free resources.

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We all have different ways of processing information. Here's a few different ways you can figure out if I'm the right person to help you discover your ideal career path.

I offer "Networking: Identifying and Connecting with Friendly Forces" a free mini course, based on a 20-minute session that's been really popular with military members, veterans, and their families since 2017.

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Helpful Resources

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of people who do the same sort of work I do.

When I started learning how to be an entrepreneur, I accessed free resources to figure out which parts of my business I want to concentrate on, and what I would rather outsource.

I'm still learning new things, and I am grateful that many programs share their knowledge freely with their target audiences.​

You may also be looking for help. In this section I share resources that I find extremely useful.

For Women and nonbinary entrepreneurs:

PARO Centre for Women Entrepreneurs

WE CAN Project at Queens University

NWAC #BeTheDrum Entrepreneur Program

For all genders:

Your local Small Business Centre and Community Futures organizations

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