A stylized compass in blue, white, gold and black. The needle is pointing South. The Closed Caption symbol is under the compass. To the right of the compass are the words Navigating your Career Route Map - Group Coaching Program

Navigating your Career Route Map Fall 2023

Friday, October 20, 2023
1:00 pm
This is an online event.
This event is presented in a hybrid format.
You may attend online or in person at .

Do you feel stuck in your current job?

Are you looking for a guide, and some accountability partners, to help you find your way to your next ideal job?

Check out the Navigating your Career Route Map hybrid group coaching program!

There’s a bunch of content, in manageable sized chunks, a bit of light optional homework to help you reach your goals sooner, and eight weeks of live group coaching sessions. Plus a few other things.

The first live group coaching session takes place on Friday October 20, 2023, so there is still time to decide whether or not to invest your time and money.

That being said, there are only six (6) spots for this program.

October 20, 2023