A New Goal for this Blog

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December 1, 2020
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Two blue pencils resting on blank open notebooks ready to be filled with goals
Thank you to Jess Bailey Designs from Pexels for this photo.

Setting goals is a good thing, even though we sometimes don’t meet our goals. In March 2020, I set a goal of publishing a blog every week. Many of the posts I’ve written are thoughts about the #NewNormal I'd like to help create, one where everyone can thrive. Blogging was also a way to: share what’s top of my mind; get in the habit of writing; and leave more digital breadcrumbs out there for you, my readers to find.

Over time I went from publishing early in the week, to the weekend. For several months I published on a Saturday or more often on a Sunday. Then I started slipping into publishing early the next week. I was somewhat disappointed with myself when I realized that it’s happened again.

Then, on Monday, at the beginning of a weekly meeting I try to attend on a regular basis, the lead coach Frances Schagen spoke to us about not meeting our goals. She reminded all of us that sometimes our goals change, the unexpected happens, or we don’t make as much progress as we expected to. I nodded my head in agreement, not quite realizing that her words of wisdom applied to me and my blogging, until now, as I sit here to type my latest blog.

After the “Monday Check in - Keep Moving Forward - Weekly Networking” meeting I busied myself preparing for a webinar that I delivered that night. The webinar is called “Telling Your Story – Why Me and What’s in it For Them?” Normally I give this session to job seekers, to help them explore how they can use “So What?” stories to highlight how their transferable skills can help solve an employer’s problems. That night, about half of the audience were their own boss, like me, either solo-preneurs or small business owners.

In my experience, sharing stories that are relatable to the audience make for a more rewarding and memorable session. So, I pivoted. I adjusted the presentation, on the fly, to address how entrepreneurs could use stories to attract and connect with the right clients.

Someone wise, somewhere in history, maybe even more than one person, said that to become an expert in your field you must teach what you know to others. Delivering the session “Telling Your Story...” to other entrepreneurs made me realize that I could do a better job of sharing stories with you, my potential clients, to help you relate to how I can help you thrive as your Thought Partner.

I’ve added a new goal for this blog, to illustrate how I can help you, and why you might want to work with me, through stories that offer a sneak peek into how I think and work. That being said, I’m a work in progress. I continue to learn new things every day, or at least every week, so I may shift my focus (or lose it completely) as time goes by. And that’s OK!

I'm grateful that you chose to invest your time in reading this blog. If you have a question that you’d like me to answer, in the form of a public blog, feel free to send it to me through a comment in one of the social media platforms I use, or by sending me a message through social media or email. You can even comment right here on this page!

I’m looking forward to your questions! Which I will do my best to answer using stories.