Promises to Myself

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June 28, 2020
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Orange flowers in garden
Close up image of orange flowers, probably some kind of lily, taken by the author in 2012.Close up image of orange flowers, probably some kind of lily, taken by the author in 2012.

In March this year, I promised myself that I would publish one blog a week. This week I’ve been immersing myself in other writing projects which left little energy for writing my blog post.

Instead I’d like to give a shout out to Amy Sept, Owner of Nimbyist Communications, who first explained this phenomenon to me several years ago. Amy and I met while volunteering on the Board of Directors for the Trenton Military Family Resource Centre. When I was exploring how to create a website for my company, I spoke with several people who I’d worked with previously. They all shared the same advice, they told me to invest my time, rather than my money, in learning how to create a basic website. They also suggested several different platforms I could use.

Amy provided the advice I chose to follow. She suggested using the Weebly platform, as the intuitive “copy and paste” functionality allowed newbies to create an attractive website in very little time. The Weebly platform also provides templates for style and page formatting.

The key of course is creating valuable content. Amy explained that she created content for many clients across North America, and prided herself on doing a good job. However, that meant that creating content for her own website invariably came last on her priority list.
More recently I had a similar discussion with Stephanie “Steph” Jouppien, a Freelance Digital Marketer & Professional Content Writer. Steph talked to me about how doing creative work can be invigorating.  She also talked about the risk of losing our creative edge if we over-extend, and the importance of maintaining a balance between creative and non-creative work.
While the writing projects I created this week were not for paying clients; rather I wrote materials for a pro bono client and drafted a couple of chapters for a book project with a colleague; they did leave me wondering what I could write about in my blog this week.
My thanks to professional speaker and best-selling author Sandi Boucher, for being a role model when it comes to blogging. Every day Sandi writes and publishes a blog. She taught me that it’s OK to go with your gut, and write about what’s important to you. She also demonstrates with every post, that it’s OK to write from the heart, and that not every piece of content needs to be pre-planned.

Lastly, my thanks to the Hello Boss Girl “Boss Girl Breakthroughs” community on Facebook for the 21 days of “Trusting Your Gut.”  We’re on day 9, I continually learn new things in this community.

This morning I sat at my laptop, while my family slept, and wrote this 474 word blog.  I hope that someone finds inspiration for completing their favourite projects in how I am keeping my promises to myself.

Have a fabulous week!