What exactly is a Thought Partner?

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October 25, 2020
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Two people working on a project together
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First a confession. For 8 years people have been trying to get me to join Instagram. I’ve resisted, because I think in words, and not in pictures. Everyone from consultants teaching social media sessions to business coaches, mentors and friends, have urged me to “try it.” I kept thinking that Instagram was all about images, and, it is largely comprised of photos and videos.

This weekend I participated in a series of four networking events and workshops with the NWAC #BeTheDrum Entrepreneur Outreach Navigation Program. One of the sessions was called “Social Media Co-Promoting.” Krysta Furioso, the Founder of Only Child Handicrafts led us through how entrepreneurs can co-promote their businesses using platforms like Instagram. I learned that most of the others participating in the session were on Instagram and just like that my resistance melted away.

I joined Instagram yesterday, in large part to support the wonderful entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs that I met over the weekend. After the sessions were done for the day, while my spouse was putting the finishing touches on his homemade chili recipe, I browsed Instagram, recognized a few familiar faces and clicked “follow.”

One of my BPW Sisters, Tomi Odunsi Fadina from Nigeria, saw me poking around and immediately welcomed me to Instagram. Tomi also coached me through creating my Instagram bio.

It occurred to me that many people may not know what I mean by “Thought Partner” in my Instagram and Twitter bios. A Thought Partner is someone who helps you learn the practical strategies, tactics and skills you need to achieve your goals and thrive.

I’ve been helping people figure out how to achieve their career goals for more than 20 years. When I launched my own business in 2012, I started sharing my experiences with other aspiring entrepreneurs.

If you’re someone who:
- has a good idea of what you want out of your career, or
- you have a business idea you want to explore; and
 - you’re looking for a Thought Partner, I might be the coach for you!

If you (or your organization):
-  want to know more about Leadership, Career Development and/or Inclusion; and
-  are willing to do the hard work of figuring out why things aren’t going the way you expected, to face things you might rather ignore, and to communicate with radical candour;
-  then I may be the Thought Partner (speaker, trainer, consultant) you’re looking for!

Still not sure what a Thought Partner is? Tomi generously shared her Instagram knowledge with me, to help me write a crisp professional Instagram bio.  We were Thought Partners!