December Reflections and Gratitude

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December 14, 2022
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A crafted heart with the words "i am grateful" on it, next to a miniature pink heart, resting on a rough hewn weathered wooden table
I love how this simple heart and these words capture what I'm feeling as the end of the year 2022 approaches.

December is one of the busiest times of year for many entrepreneurs; especially for those who sell products and have store fronts.

It’s generally a quieter time of year for me, and some of my business coaching clients, in large part because we offer consulting and training services to other organizations.

Most of the organizations I deliver online training sessions to avoid December, July and August. These tend to be the months where their teams are focused on other things, like taking time off work!

I take advantage of the slower pace to focus on things I enjoy, like learning!

I read books written by people with different lived experiences than mine and I attend online events to learn from a diverse array of people. I also learn from people in my Friendly Forces network, at events run by my professional associations, and by listening to my coaching clients.

As the calendar year draws to a close, I’m researching ways to create more value for my clients, while streamlining my work processes. I’m also exploring opportunities for collaborations in the new year.

I’m grateful for all the people and organizations I worked with this year. I’m looking forward to continuing the types of work I love best into 2023: teaching people tactics and strategies to help them learn how to turn obstacles into opportunities so they can discover their ideal jobs, whether that means working for someone else, or creating their own job as an entrepreneur; helping organizations learn tactics and strategies to create more inclusive diverse equitable accessible learning (IDEAL) workplaces; and collaborating with strategic partners to help design IDEAL opportunities.

What I mean by an ideal job, is one where:

•       You can leverage your gifts; the things you’re good at and enjoy doing,

•       You earn at least a living wage,

•       You have the resources you need to do your job, and

•       You have a support network; others to do the things you don’t like doing or aren’t good at.

Even as a solo-preneur, I feel like I’m living the dream, working at my ideal job, while collaborating with others whose strengths cover the areas that I’m not good at.

And for those who've been following this blog for a while, I'm meeting the goals I set for myself earlier this year!


What reflections come to your mind this month?