First Goal for 2022

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January 6, 2022
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An image of several healthy foods in a collage, including fresh fruits and vegetables, salmon, rice, sushi, and a noodle bowl. Also contains the words
This is an image of the central portion of my first ever vision board, created in December 2021.

This year’s aspirational word is “health” as in changing some of my habits to bring more health and wellness into my day-to-day life. Part of creating a healthier life is making better food choices.

I’ve known about the power of vision boards for several years; last February I was assigned creating a vision board as part of a course I took. During a winter solstice celebration with Brenda MacIntyre Medicine Song Woman, I finally completed my very first vision board, it’s about 29 inches (74 cms) tall and about 20 inches (51 cms) wide. My main motivation was to create a teaching aid for the homework section of the online courses that I’ll be launching soon.

I love pictures of food, and I happened to have several resources on hand with lovely images of healthy meals. Since I knew my goal for 2022 was to become healthier, I went with the theme of healthy food for my vision board. It’s currently resting on top of the large printer in my office, and I see it every time I walk to my desk.

I also like to buy locally whenever possible, so I selected a page from a free calendar with the words “Love Local Food” as the central image. In the interests of being kind to the environment, the images are glued to what used to be a project board for one of my offspring’s grade school assignments.

Have I mentioned that I’m a bit of a hoarder? I tend to hang on to things that may serve a useful purpose at a later date. Which was why I also happened to have a bunch of images of healthy foods in a crafting portfolio.

My first goal for life and business for 2022 is to increase my personal health and wellness. This includes taking regular breaks from sitting at my desk, moving around the house (I’ve worked from home since 2012), taking semi-regular walks, moving my body through Chi Kung and Tai Chi courses with Greg Magwood, Magwood's Martial Arts and taking Yoga classes from Julie Sweeney, Insight to Action Coaching Services.

What is one of your goals for 2022?