Navigating your Career Route Map

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January 13, 2022
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Collection of images on a light backdrop which includes a compass, coloured blocks, jewels, a small concentric circle in 3 colours, a trophy, a ribbon, and a network of 20 stylized people, with different skin tones, hair styles and shirt colours, each in their own brightly coloured circle.
"Navigating your Career Route Map: Designing Courses of Action to Help You Achieve Your Definition of Success" logo created by Jen Detlor Kerr, DetDesigns in 2021

In 2021, as I prepared to launch my first online courses, “Networking: Identifying and Connecting with Friendly Forces” and “Navigating your Career Route Map: Designing Courses of Action to Help You Achieve Your Definition of Success” I decided to invest in help from professionals whose strengths complement mine.

As you can likely guess from the long titles for my courses, I think in words! I have a really hard time visualizing images in my head. I reached out to Jen Detlor Kerr, from DetDesigns, and asked her to create a logo to represent the signature course “Navigating your Career Route Map.”

Jen created a glorious image, that exceeded my expectations, and looked nothing like anything I could have possibly visualized on my own. It represents a treasure map for living a good life. Many things are uncertain, there are no charted paths, opportunities are all around us, and there is more than one definition of success.

The jewels represent opportunities, which are sometimes hidden. The blocks represent obstacles. The network image represents an inclusive network of Friendly Forces, people who want to help us achieve our goals. The 3 concentric circles represent the circle of influence. The silver trophy and the silver medal with a purple ribbon represent different definitions of success. The compass represents each individual’s capacity to seize control of discovering, exploring and navigating a path to their unique definition of success.

The Beta version of an 8-week group session of the Navigating your Career Route Map course ran between June and August 2021. The feedback was fabulous, 100% of the participants would recommend this course to others. By the time we held a reunion in December 2021 all of them had found and were in or about to take on new jobs.

Now I’m putting the finishing touches on the on demand asynchronous version of the "Navigating your Career Route Map" course, in a 3-part series. During our reunion I learned that my explanation of how the homework worked was the only part of the course that needed improvement. I’ve drafted the new Homework slides and speakers notes. Now all I need to do is sit at my laptop and press record. After which I’ll send the series of edited videos to CCS Inc. for closed captioning and transcripts. This process is taking longer than I expected, and that’s OK!

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