Practicing Self Care

Published on
February 17, 2023
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In an office corner, a thriving money tree, with the Empowered Path Inc. logo, a polar bear, feathers gifted to Chantal by birds, and a large jug of floral tea. All rest on a crate built by her youngest offspring.‍
I love drinking tea to stay hydrated during meetings. This lovely jug is just about the right amount of tea for a busy day.

Life as an entrepreneur can get busy, especially when you’re providing services to others.

While I aspire to balance the demands of running my business, with practicing self-care, and making time for working on my business instead of in my business, some days that’s tougher to do than others.

To clarify, working in your business is creating the products you sell, or providing the services you offer. Working on your business is doing things that help your business thrive. For example, this winter I’m working with Penny from Build Marketing, as she creates a custom Customer Relations Management (CRM) system to help me run my business. I’m also taking a WE-CAN Content Marketing Bootcamp with Jennifer Baker.

February is my favourite month of the year! This year, it’s also my busiest month as an entrepreneur so far. And we’re just over halfway through the month. I’m grateful to be doing lots of work with my strategic partners, who all seem to have decided that this was the year for me to do more projects with them.

Twice in the last week, I’ve ended up with virtual meetings scheduled one after the other, leaving little time for things like keeping hydrated and eating healthy meals.

I decided to brew a jug of floral tea, fill my water bottle, and prepare my lunch and snacks before I started my work day.  These small acts of self-care helped me stay on track during my meetings, and enabled me to better show up and serve my coaching clients and strategic partners.

Anther thing I do to practice self-care is scheduling time to relax after I deliver a training session or facilitate discussions. These are both things I love to do! Over time, I realized that I get so excited about what I’m doing, that I feel much better if I consciously choose to relax when I’m done. Otherwise, I stay wound up all day, and end up feeling burnt out for at least a day afterwards.

I also love chatting with coaching clients. Interacting one to one, or in small groups energizes me. I love the two-way communication, and will literally dance with joy when a client shares a success story. I’m learning to set aside time to write follow-up emails, after I chat with people so that I don’t leave my client’s hanging.

PS: My thanks to Jennifer Latham, a colleague who shared a Masterclass on Feng Shui earlier this year, which inspired me to take the photo that accompanies this post.