The Power of Gratitude

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May 12, 2023
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A potted succulent plant next to a cork board with the words The Power of Gratitude. To the right, Empowered Path Inc. logo
The Power of Gratitude is worth sharing, like offspring from a succulent plant.

Have you ever wondered how you can practice gratitude within your professional network, without draining your energy?


Here’s a couple of simple tips that you can implement on LinkedIn (and other social media apps):


-      Add a short comment to one of their posts, mention something that you appreciated about the content they shared.

-      Share their post, adding a short lead in, explaining why you shared the content.

-      Invest the time to write a LinkedIn recommendation on their profile.


Sharing your gratitude publicly helps others recognize you as someone who they’d like to add to their Friendly Forces network.


If these suggestions are too time consuming for you right now, then you can try these other simpler ways of showing your gratitude:


-      React to their post (select the emoji that makes sense to you)

-      Share their post without adding a comment

-      Wish people happy birthday or congratulations when the social media app prompts you


The most powerful thing about sharing your gratitude, is the shift in your mindset. When you consciously seek things and people to be grateful for, then you tend to notice more reasons to be grateful, and as a result your mood will lift, and others will find you easier to be around.


That makes it easier for you to grow your network, to get hired for your ideal job, or to attract clients to your business. Robin Wall Kimmerer, author of “Braiding Sweetgrass” captured this when she wrote “Gratitude plants the seed for abundance.”


That is the true power of gratitude.