Time flies when you’re having fun!

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September 18, 2021
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A bird soars through a clear blue sky. The words time flies when you're having fun are superimposed on the background.
Found this image of a bird in flight on Canva! While browns aren't normally colours I use, I liked how Canva let me add colours from the bird for the border and the text. Learning new things every day!

Earlier this week it occurred to me that I hadn’t published a blog lately. I wondered if I was suffering from writer’s block, or if it was something else. Then I set aside the thought, because I had a full week.

This morning when I woke up after an excellent night’s sleep, I realized why it’s been a month since my last blog. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Because my summer had been much busier work wise than I’m used to, I took a bit of a break from work near the end of August. I read several novels, rereading a few old favourites, enjoying a few new ones, and even thought about reading a few work-related books.

I also completed a 1000-piece puzzle, on my own. I’d meant to give my creativity a kick start by doing something out of the norm. I got so engrossed in the puzzle, I started and finished it in one (long) sitting. I kept thinking, just one more photo, then I’ll take a break. This is hyper focus in action! I had to stretch when I was done! I’d lost track of time because I was having so much fun doing the puzzle. I’ve included a picture of the completed puzzle below.

Picture of a completed 1000-piece puzzle, that I completed in one sitting in August 2021. A gift to my mother in law for Christmas 2019, that she passed back to me, so I could do it.

Facilitating Learning

For the last three weeks I’ve been hyper focusing on getting ready for sessions for clients, creating 4 new sessions, ones that I haven’t delivered before, in response to collaborations with clients who were looking for specific learning experiences.

I have a tendency to dive right in and do a LOT of research before creating a new session. I prefer to have so much information that I have to edit down what I’m going to say, to stay within the time frame allocated for a session. Last week I delivered a customized session that I’ve given many times before, and one of the new sessions. Both were well received!

Next week, I’m delivering one new session, and participating as a panelist in a session I’ve done several times before. Which makes it a slightly lighter week, and means that this weekend I have time to blog!

The following week, I’ll be delivering 3 new sessions. One is a collaboration with Elizabeth Nicholas. We drafted “Networking: Expanding Your Circle of Influence” last spring and refined it in August. This is a pro-bono online session that we offer on behalf of our HRPA Chapter.

Last year we co-facilitated a similar event called “Speed Networking – Pandemic Survivor HR Style.”  HRPA members from across Ontario participated, and gave such great reviews that we’re back again this year. With so many events still being held virtually, many people appreciate an event that encourages them to interact with and learn in small groups. You’ve got to love the Breakout room feature in Zoom!

Life as an Entrepreneur

I logged onto to LinkedIn this afternoon, because I received a notice that a few people had messaged me. Thank you to Shahina Suleman, Lisa Hallsworth, and Stephanie Anaka for being the first people to congratulate me on my 9th anniversary as an entrepreneur!

Time does indeed fly when I’m having fun. I can still remember my initial model for my business. I planned to do more of what I loved best while in the military - speaking and training. It took me some time to get to the place I’m at now, providing training sessions on behalf of two strategic partners: Indigenous Link and MentorCity; and providing custom training sessions for other clients, including the occasional pro-bono sessions for my professional associations and for military and veteran families.

This summer I delivered the beta version of a new accessible online program called “Navigating your Career Route Map: Designing Courses of Action to help you Achieve your Definition of Success.” The participants have all given me fabulous feedback, helping me refine the content and get it ready for delivery this Fall, as an asynchronous offering. Getting ready for the launch near the end of October is also keeping me busy!

I also joined PARO, as a Business Growth Advisor, which offers me more opportunities to do something else I love, helping others start and/or grow their own businesses. I’m meeting so many fascinating people through PARO!

All this to say, I’ve been having so much fun, I forgot to Blog!

What sort of fun activities help you lose track of time?